Gifts for Bird Lovers & Nature lovers

What is a subscription box?


A subscription box is an great way of giving a gift.  

The first step is selecting a subscription box which is of interest to the recipient, there is a gift box for every hobby or interest!  Our subscription boxes are perfect for bird lovers, fans of nature & wildlife, the eco conscious and garden lovers. 

You select the time period you would like to subscribe for; we offer monthly options where you are charged each month until you cancel.  We also offer a fixed 3 month or 6 month option where you pay for the period selected and there is no recurring payment.  Whichever you select, each month, for as long as you are subscribed, you or your recipient will be sent a box.  The surprise element is a key part of the enjoyment factor in getting a gift, what is called the "unboxing"!  Some people send us pictures and videos of them "unboxing" their gifts. 

Boxwild sells subscription boxes which are tailored to bird and wildlife lovers.  They are then sent a box each month in the post packed with seasonal goodies and seed blends to attract wildlife into your garden.  See our subscription boxes here: boxes