Gifts for Bird Lovers & Nature lovers

Boxwild-Samaritan Partnership

Boxwild and Samaritans are working together with a collection of gifts designed to support people going through a difficult time, encouraging them to enjoy wildlife and take time to get outside. Scientists have repeatedly found that being in nature can boost mood and reduce depression.  Also caring for something can produce feelings of wellbeing.  The NHS says that one of the 5 steps to mental well being is being active and to ”find an activity that you enjoy and make it a part of your life”*.  Boxwild and Samaritans hope to support and provide a step change along that journey.

The ‘Blue Tit Samaritan’ gift box will provide a £3 donation, the ‘Picnic Time Samaritan’ gift box will provide £5 donation from the proceeds of the sale. Our wildlife charitable donations will also continue to be made.

By gifting a Samaritans Boxwild Gift Box a donation will be made to support the work they do to assist ordinary people going through an extraordinarily difficult time.

You can read more about the Samaritans here

Boxwild-Samaritan Partnership

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