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6 Interesting British Insects to Spot in your Garden

6 Interesting British Insects to Spot in your Garden

In summer months, our gardens are full of insects. Boxwild loves supporting insects- you can find our Butterfly and Bug Lovers Gift Box or our Birds and the Bees Gift Box

Here are a few interesting British insects you can try to spot in your garden this year:

Common Darter Dragonfly
If you have a pond in your garden, you might be lucky enough to spot the common darter dragonfly. This species is very common in England, Ireland and Wales but less so in Scotland. Males have a red body. Females and juveniles have a pale green brown body. And you’re most likely to see them from June through to November.

Lacewings are a very beautiful and delicate looking insects. They have bright green bodies and lacy, transparent wings. They feed on aphids and other small insect pests, making them a firm friend of gardeners. Make them at home in your garden by providing a bug hotel, perfect for winter hibernation.

Magpie Moth
The magpie moth has striking markings. Wings are white with black spots and yellow stripes. It can be found throughout the UK (apart from the far north) from June to August. Adults drink nectar. When they’re in the caterpillar stage they love to feed on blackthorn, hawthorn and gooseberry bushes.

Ruby Tailed Wasp
Unlike the common black and yellow variety, these wasps have a ruby red abdomen and metallic colouring across the rest of the body. You’re most likely to find them running over walls and tree trunks from April to September as they look for the nests of solitary bees. Once they’ve found the perfect spot, they lay their eggs alongside those of the bee. Hatched larvae then eat the bee’s eggs before emerging from the nest in the spring.  

The froghopper is a small, brown insect with the ability to jump many times its own length, sometimes up to 70cm. Their larvae can be found on plant stems, covered in a frothy coating. Larvae produce this froth to protect themselves from predators as they feed on leaves and shoots. Froghoppers are most often seen between June and September.

Stag Beetle
Stag beetles are the largest beetles in the UK. They can be found in the woodland and gardens of South East England from May to August. The stag beetle’s impressive head gear is used to attract a mate and to fight off rival males. Unfortunately, the stag beetle population has declined over recent years. We can help by providing logs and compost heaps in which they can hide, feed and breed.

So keep an eye out for these less common garden bugs this summer. And, create your own bug habitats if you’d like to attract more them.